ScottOiler Magnum HCR

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ScottOiler Magnum HCR High Capacity Reservoir.

This add-on to the Scottoiler vSystem, eSystem and xSystem range mounts securely behind the rear number plate, not compromising design for long-distance riders.

Provides up to 6000 miles more of riding.

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ScottOiler Magnum HCR High Capacity Reservoir.

The Magnum HCR is an additional reservoir which mounts behind the number plate, increasing range by up to 8 times.

This addition increases oil capacity from 50ml to 400ml, and will add up to an additional 6,000 miles between refills depending on flow rate setting. This is an ideal solution for any rider travelling long distances, or who wants to minimise the frequency of refills.

To fit the Magnum, simply remove the number plate and mount the unit with the parts supplied. To connect up the reservoirs simply attach the Magnum to the breather on the operating reservoir and slot them together. The main reservoir draws the oil from the Magnum, allowing you to ride further and for longer between refills.

The Magnum HCR is not compatible with all bikes. Your mudguard needs to be strong enough to hold the extra weight and you need to make sure that extending the number plate out will not result in a number plate lighting issue.

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